Not Your Typical Donation

Nov 20, 2019

As we approach the end on the year, many investors take the opportunity to review their charitable commitments for the year. While much time is given to determining the allocation of funds, people often overlook the true cost of making a donation.

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Robert Handelman
Vice President, Tax & Wealth

Diversifying your fixed income

Fixed Income
Oct 25, 2019

Nicolas Vaugeois, Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation, discusses the benefits of having multiple sources of income combined in one fund, the characteristics of those sources and shares his economic outlook. Recorded on October 23, 2019 Nicolas Vaugeois is Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation at Fiera Capital. In this role, he is involved in the management of […]

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Nicolas Vaugeois
Nicolas Vaugeois
Portfolio Manager, Global Asset Allocation