Introducing Private Equity

An asset class with the potential to improve portfolio risk/reward profiles for those who can invest with a longer-term view.

Like direct infrastructure, real estate, natural resources and hedge funds, private equity is categorized as an alternative asset class. Relative to more traditional investments such as public equities and bonds, private equity’s risk/return profile, liquidity characteristics and investment horizon are considerably different, thereby providing significant portfolio diversification.

Main Reasons for Investing
in Private Equity

Private Equity

  • Diversification
  • High Absolute-Return Objective
  • Pursue High Risk-Adjusted Returns
  • Broad Investment Universe
    Not Accessible Through Public Markets
  • Multiple Avenues for Value Creation

Learn More About Private Equity


March 05, 2019

Fiera Global Private Equity Fund

Fiera’s Global Private Equity strategy seeks to provide investors with greater diversification via access to a diversified global portfolio of corporate private-equity investments, designed to generate attractive absolute returns over the long-term.


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