Fiera Strategic Balanced Registered Fund

NXG 4209
Fund Code
Inception Date
As of 2020-05-26
Total Net Assets
(Registered, F)
As of 2020-05-26
Canadian Balanced
Asset Class
50% FTSE Canada Universe Bond Index & 25% S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index & 25% MSCI World Index (CAD)

Fund Overview

Investment Objective

  • Seeks to provide a combination of capital preservation, income generation and long term capital growth primarily through investment in a diversified portfolio of Canadian securities.
  • Fiera Strategic Balanced Registered Fund seeks to achieve the investment objective through the investment of substantially all its portfolio assets in non-publicly offered debt and Inter-Fund class shares of Fiera Strategic Balanced Class.

Investment Strategy

  • Cidel seeks to invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of fixed income investments and equity securities of companies with attractive cash flow and valuation profiles, a track record of returning rising levels of cash flow to securityholders with a conservative bias.
  • Cidel seeks to invest in companies with quality management, a practice of increasing dividends or share buybacks, and identifiable growth opportunities.
  • Cidel utilizes a blend of interest rate anticipation, yield curve management, sector allocation, and credit analysis to reduce volatility and generate income and more consistent returns with a view to meeting the Fund’s investment objectives.
  • For the equity securities component, Cidel follows a security selection process consisting of company screening, bottom up fundamental research/valuation and a final decision making phase based on perceived margin of safety and portfolio and risk management considerations.
  • For the fixed income component, Cidel seeks to be diversified by industry sectors, types of issues, as well as individual issuers.
  • The Fund may invest up to 50% of the cost of its net assets in foreign securities.

Reasons to own the fund

  • Investors who want a core Canadian balanced investment.
  • Investors who want a combination of equity and fixed income investments and are comfortable with the risks of equity and fixed income securities.

Sales and Support

For financial professionals