Fiera U.S. Dividend Registered Fund

NXG 4808
Fund Code
Inception Date
As of 2020-05-26
Total Net Assets
(Registered, F)
As of 2020-05-26
U.S. Equity
Asset Class
S&P 500 Index (CAD)

Fund Update

10/18/19 On October 18, 2019, the sub-advisor for the fund was changed from Ziegler Capital Management, LLC to Fiera Capital Corporation. Changes in the investment strategies of the fund were made because of the sub-advisor change. Portfolio allocations and performance measurement periods prior to this date are reflective of the previous investment strategy.

Fund Overview

Investment Objective

  • Seeks to provide a combination of current cash flow and long term capital growth primarily through investment in a diversified portfolio of dividend paying U.S. equity securities.
  • Fiera U.S. Dividend Registered Fund seeks to achieve the investment objective through the investment of substantially all its portfolio assets in non-publicly offered debt and Inter-Fund class shares of Fiera U.S. Dividend Class.

Investment Strategy

  • The Portfolio Manager employs a systematic investment approach that exploits the persistent valuation anomaly in developed equity markets where companies that are less sensitive to broad market index (low systematic risk) tend to outperform on a risk adjusted basis companies that are highly sensitive to broad market index (high systematic risk).
  • The Fund will be diversified accross high conviction stocks and will focus on identifying companies that exhibit a combination of low systematic risk and superior dividend payout.
  • Emphasis is put on low systematic risk names, characterized by a combination of lower volatility and lower correlation to broad US market indices.

Reasons to own the fund

  • Investors who want exposure to a U.S. equity fund focused on dividend paying stocks.
  • Investors seeking long term capital growth from their investment and are comfortable with the risks associated with equity investments.

Sales and Support

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