Oakmark U.S. Equity Class

NXG 5938
Fund Code
Inception Date
As of 2020-05-26
Total Net Assets
(Dividend, F)
As of 2020-05-26
U.S. Equity
Asset Class
S&P 500 Index (CAD)

Fund Overview

Investment Objective

  • Seeks long-term capital appreciation primarily through investment in a diversified portfolio of common stocks of U.S. companies.

Investment Strategy

  • The Fund generally invests in the securities of larger capitalization companies.
  • Harris uses a value investment philosophy in selecting equity securities. This investment philosophy is based upon the belief that, over time, a company’s stock price converges with Harris’ estimate of its intrinsic or true business value. By “true business value”, Harris means an estimate of the price a knowledgeable buyer would pay to acquire the entire business. Harris believes that investing in securities priced significantly below their true business value presents the best opportunity to achieve the Fund’s investment objective.
  • Harris uses the value investment philosophy to identify companies that it believes have discounted stock prices compared to the companies’ true business value. In assessing such companies, Harris looks for the following characteristics, although the companies selected may not have all of these attributes: (1) free cash flows and intelligent investment of excess cash; (2) earnings that are growing and are reasonably predictable; and (3) high level of company management ownership.

Reasons to own the fund

  • Investors who want exposure to U.S. equities.
  • Investors seeking long-term capital appreciation from their investment and are comfortable with the risks associated with equity investments.

Sales and Support

For financial professionals